2019 Mock Trial was spectacular in so many ways

By: Judge McHale

Congratulations on a job well done. Our tournament this year was extraordinary.

You all leave me proud to be a part of this program. What a wonderful year and how great that we had Judge Downing presiding last night over the Championship round. With reference to our final trial, here are the final results of our 2019 competition with a list of the 5 teams going on to the State tournament.

1. Franklin A.
2. Seattle Prep A.
3. Franklin B.
4. Seattle Prep B.
5. Chief Sealth

I wish all the best to the teams going onward to Olympia and to all of you as the school year progresses.

Franklin High School A and Seattle Prep A

We started out on Saturday, February 23, 2019 with my reading of the following provision of the Washington State Bar Association Creed of Professionalism:

In my dealings with lawyers, parties, witnesses, members of the bench and court staff, I will be civil and courteous and guided by fundamental tenets of integrity and fairness.

I saw living examples of compliance with this provision as you all worked through the difficult case problem at hand. Courtesy and consideration were exemplified by:

(1) Holy Names Academy’s Dome team stepping up to take on 4 trials on Saturday so that all teams could be guaranteed three rounds;

(2) Seattle Prep and Nathan Hale agreeing to work with an O’Dea team to try having an unavailable witness testify via computer;

(3) Nathan Hale getting stronger every year with their student run and coached team;

(4) Everyone handling the medical emergency situation in one of our courtrooms on Saturday in a calm and supportive way;

(5) Jefferson Community Center and Holy Names Academy’s Cougar team treating each other respectfully with a rules violation issue and working things out;

(6) Supportive cheering from all teams when Chief Sealth was announced as the leading team at the end of our Saturday trials;

Franklin High School B and Chief Sealth

(7) How well behaved everyone was in the Courthouse (Our Facilities Security Staff appreciated your friendliness and excitement on Saturday);

Awesome Franklin Kids

(8) The respect that I saw of all teams in the way our volunteer raters and judges were treated; and

(9) The genuine hugs and handshakes shared by the opposing Seattle Prep and Franklin teams at the awards presentation last night. In fact, participants seemed more excited about interacting with each other than with the Nobel Prize sized trophies that were provided by the YMCA Law & Government Program.

Garfield High School

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